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De către Airbnb pe Nov 20, · Timp de citire: 3 minute Actualizat pe Nov 20, Highlights Anticipate guest needs to eliminate common pain points like arrival issues and travel delays When challenges arise, your communication style is what guests remember most Minimize household issues by doing regular home maintenance and having support like a plumber and repairperson at the ready Despite your best efforts, problems just happen sometimes.

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Here are some tips for handling challenging hosting moments. Be available to respond quickly to guest messages through the Airbnb app and perhaps also by text message, if that suits your hosting style.

Have a support team, and keep their numbers handy From clogged toilets and leaky roofs to malfunctioning appliances, many of the most common issues hosts experience are related to home maintenance. So make sure to think in advance about any repair people you might need to have ready in your contacts. Scheduling regular maintenance on your home can also help prevent unexpected repairs.

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Resolve guest issues If you have a challenging interaction with a guest, your communication revizuirea opțiunilor binare comerciant șomer can go a long way toward finding a solution that works well for everyone.

Remain calm, use your best listening skills, and strive to respond with respect and understanding. You can minimize stress and mishaps by staying in touch, adding check-in instructions to your listing, and providing a lockbox or smart lock for accessing your space.

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Arrival Guests are often tired when they arrive. Make it easy for them to settle in to your space by providing a written house manual with simple instructions for accessing basics like wifi. Cleaning and turnovers Early guest arrivals, late guest checkouts, and issues with cleaning can all cause challenges.

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If alege un centru de dealing know guests will be arriving on an early flight, consider offering to store their luggage and provide some sightseeing tips to occupy them until check-in time. Provide your guests with a clear checkout time and the reasoning behind it, for example, because you need time to clean before the next guests.

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If you have concerns about tight turnover times between guests, set your reservation preferences to leave room in your calendar for cleaning between each stay. Make a checklist of cleaning tasks for yourself or your cleaner to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Cleaning mishaps are one of the most common reasons for poor reviews.

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Take safety precautions Savvy hosts equip their spaces with safety features like a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguisher, and first-aid kit. Many travelers filter for these features when searching for properties, so be sure to add them to the amenities checklist in your listing.

Your plan should include two ways to escape from every room in your home and the contact information for local emergency services.

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Select a meeting spot at a safe distance from your home where guests can go in the event of a fire or natural disaster.