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Sunteți pe pagina 1din 3 Căutați în document Case Studies: Online Game An online game application Real Poker Online is a client-server Java web-application for simulation of card games led by groups of players. The application provides a possibility to find friends fond of poker all over the world.

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Friendly atmosphere of the virtual 3D card-room, outstanding user interface, realistic sound, characters and animation make you feel right in a huge casino. The application was thoroughly tested by BugHuntress team in order to meet all the key requirements providing its successful launch on the online game market.

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In spite of the fact that it was a large-scale and time consuming project, the client's demands were met with a highly effective and creative approach and some terms were fulfilled even more quickly than the client had expected. It allows playing poker in real time limited, making real and virtual bids. Tournaments are supported.


Scalable architecture provides for the distributed deployment on multiple servers. The application has a secure clientserver communications.

Собравшись, Элли продолжила: - Почему ты считаешь, что в нашей семье лишь ты один можешь принимать решения.

Real Poker Online contains a powerful web interface for management, user administration, billing, statistic and reports features. The Art of Testing Taking into consideration the scale of the opțiuni binare yubot the initial client's estimation was man-hours. However, BugHuntress testers considerably cut this figure by means of low-cost non-trivial approaches, professional technical expertise and creative way of testing for each specified platform.

Case Studies of Online Games

After a thorough discussion of the requirements, a full-dress analysis was made. As a result, we proposed to use mostly automated testing instead of the manual one: blackbox, simulation, functionality, opțiuni binare yubot, usability and betlogic testing.

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Therefore, comprehensive testing of the application took only man-hours instead of intended Case Studies All the game examples in the following section were commissioned by 3rd party clients. Copyright for the compiled code and associated graphics files is held by the client. However, Smilie retain full development rights over the source code and can adapt and enhance the gameplay.

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Commissioned by a UK based company, this opțiuni binare yubot was the premier traffic driver for the launch of a brand new content aggregation opțiuni binare yubot. Users log into the Chat area, select and challenge an opponent and play through a Penalty Shoot Out with the results appended to a comprehensive League Table. The player clicks on an area of the goal to aim, making allowances for wind and applying swerve to the ball if desired.

The goalkeeper chooses an area of the goal in which to attempt to save.

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Players can miss, goalkeepers save, and shots go in or miss off the post or crossbar. The result of each 'turn' is displayed with a variety of written comments such as 'Superb strike!

Когда Ричард и Николь уже находились в области, пограничной между сном и бодрствованием, огонек над ними начал тускнеть, а потом пошел. - Погляди-ка, - прошептал Ричард, - он собирается приземлиться.

The player opțiuni binare strategii fiabile updated as to the overall status of the game with a centrally placed scrolling 'ticker'. When a player must score or save to stay in the game they are told exactly that! Play continues, through 'Sudden Death' if required, until there is a winner.

All the in-game graphics were produced by Smilie. The branding was designed by a 3rd party agency on behalf of the sponsor with final revisions and implementation conducted by our own graphic artists. Great care was taken to accurately reproduce the latest team strips and have the correct player skin and hair colours for the teams' usual penalty takers and goalkeepers.

Din fiecare centrosom se ansamblează radiar microtubulii, care formează fibrele fusului de diviziune, ce pot fi centriolo-cromozomiale şi centriolo-centriolare. De asemenea, componentele micro-tubulare ale citoscheletului celular suferă transformări esenţiale, prin depolimerizare în dimeri de α-tubulină şi β-tubulină şi reansamblare în fibre ale fusului de diviziune. Alte componente, cum ar fi moleculele de γ-tubulină şi o proteină minoră - pericentrina formează prin ansamblare centriolii. Centriolii au un ciclu propriu de diviziune, după fiecare mitoză fiecare celulă fiică moşteneşte doi centrioli, iar în interfaza ce urmează ei se divid, astfel încât înainte de diviziune vor fi patru centrioli, grupaţi câte doi şi dispuşi perpendicular unul pe altul. În nucleu are loc condensarea fibrelor de cromatină care se scurtează şi se îngroaşă, devin intens colorate şi vizibile la microscopul optic sub formă de cromozomi.

Each of the teams' kicker 'sprites' steps through 21 frames of animation, with the goalkeeper having zone specific animations to save in eight different positions. The opțiuni binare yubot download required to complete a full game is kB and sound files come to kB. Downloads are staggered to help produce as smooth a game flow as possible.

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